Friday, February 10, 2017

in the latest issue of the Hagerty magazine, they did a cover feature on the Corvair, startling photo of why Nader was scared of it... but they have conclusive data that it's actually safe.

On very authentic tires even, they tested it. Yeah, looks scary, but, lots of race cars go around corners on three wheels...

the recommended tire pressure for a Corvair was 15 psi fronts, and 26 psi rear

Ralp Nader with that `60 Corvair at the Cobo Center, July 2016. Photo credit Pete Koehler

Even Sir Stirling Moss and Mario Andretti took the stand to defend the car:

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  1. My first car was a 60 Corvair. As a typical 16 year old, I just thought it was normal for a car to "hop" around tight corners at speed.