Tuesday, February 07, 2017

all the pieces were here and there all over the farm, ever since the slingshot was retired in 1964. It was gathered up and put back together for this photo shoot when it sold recently

the front wheels were mounted on 1942 Harley-Davidson military motorcycle wheels, and they are still on that dragster... that is way cool.

the chassis was outside, and a tree had grown through it, the block was on one side of the barn, and the heads were on the other. The Weiand Drag Star intake manifold and six Stromberg 97 carburetors were inside his garage since 1964

long before rat rodders started using conrods to hang steering columns, this one was used as a motor mount on this 150 mph A/Gas dragster that ran 60% nitro. It's from a Ford flathead for the 1.599-inch rod journal. The main framerail was 1-5/8-inch round tubing.


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