Friday, February 10, 2017

lucky me, I photographed it before it was restored.... the 1948 Ferrari 166 Spyder Corsa finally has a feature in Classic

It was at the 2012 Graystone Mansion Concours in Beverly Hills (incredible car show!) and is my gallery of it. Python skin seats, beautiful body, cool gauges, and Scaglietti bodywork

Well, it's going to auction now with Artcurial, at Retromobile, and is the story of it. According to the auction company Deputy Director Pierre Novikoff, it represents the genesis of the fabled Scuderia Ferrari

It's been restored though, and looks splendid. If you look at the way it was in my gallery, you'll see a race car with history. If you look at the gallery with you'll see a restored car

For example:

did they somehow restore, or replace the gauges?

or look at the seats

Cleverly they slid the seat bottom further back to hide the torn area in back, notice the dimension the seat extends forward of the seat side is much less in the restored example at bottom

but the cockpit has a much better presentation in black than faded and exposed aluminum

looks like the brake handle was replaced. Zero personality, too machine like in it's perfection, unlike the original that looks like great old Italian metal workers made it quickly, and went racing that afternoon

Well, there you are, as raced, or restored. Where ClassicDriver states "What makes it so special is its originality and integrity — every change and modification, including those fabulous seats, has been preserved, rather than reverted back to its original form. "

I won't feed you that hogwash... I show you the before and after, and what changed.


  1. FWIW, I'd rather see an original car with some character, instead of an over-restored trailer queen. I could understand restoring it if it was in poor condition, but the before pictures look like a nicely preserved old race car.

    1. me too! I would love the restored one, if I hadn't seen the unrestored one. Hell, it's gorgeous, but, it has lost the character and it's history. That's messed up to steal and destroy a car's history