Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Hard to believe any museum with this incredible aesthetic and collection could go out of business... but they made a bad decision early on, they built it somewhere no one would travel to.

From the elegant above designs (pure art)

to the awesome below

the Lawman, unlike all other Mopars, was never sold or processed through a dealership. Even the cars given to the head honchos were processed... but not this hemi dragster that went worldwide on a USO tour to show dragsters to the military. It was handed over to Al Eckstrand, and has never been titled

to the outrageous crazy

if you don't understand why this little black car is outrageous and crazy, try and buy one, or race one.

But it was closed for good and turned into office spaces in Dec 2016 and there's not telling what happened to all the cool inventory and displays 


  1. A few years back a friend and I went to the Detroit Auto Show, and one of our stops the Chrysler Museum. So glad we did. Took plenty of pictures too. Guess Fiat didn't want anything to do with it anymore.

    1. You got there at the right time.... it looks like a beautiful set up, but they simply should have located it in Detroit, or some other city that has nothing to do with cars, but gets a lot of traffic through museums.

  2. It's too bad they closed it. Like jsfury, I visited the museum years ago, when I was at the Chrysler headquarters and had some time to kill. I probably wouldn't have made a trip just to go to the museum.