Monday, February 06, 2017

Tillamook County Fair’s Pig-N-Ford race, since 1925 (thanks Kim!)

 The Pig-N-Ford T hits speeds upward of 40 mph, little more than frame rails with a drivetrain and a buckboard seat, but they begin parked at the starting line, engines off.

The ­drivers line up along the track’s outer fence, while the pigs are held in the infield in a row of crates.

When the starter fires his pistol, the drivers sprint across the track, snatch the squealing pigs from their bins, crank-start their Model Ts (holding the squirming sausage in one arm), and hop aboard before the car stalls. 

At the end of each lap, racers slide to a stop, kill their engines, run to the bins to exchange their pigs for fresh ones, and start all over.

A race lasts three laps.

Drivers are an elite group, a motorcycle gang that carries pigs. The race is limited to 10 cars, and all the racers are members of the Pig-N-Ford Association. The president (we’re not making this up) is Punk Duns­worth, 74, a club member for 55 years.

the Hurliman family T has been passed down for more than 60 years.

or watch the video of a full event in 1080 hi def

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