Thursday, February 09, 2017

I just discovered the ugliest Charger ever... the 1976 Charger Sport, also the only "Sport" Charger model I've ever heard of

I'm not sure if the Charger SE was uglier, but it was nothing more than a renamed Cordoba

tell me it doesn't look like they ripped off the 1976 Monte Carlo

the front end looks like they did two versions, one for the Charger SE, one for the Charger Sport


  1. I don't think the one in the top two pictures looks too bad. No uglier than the '71-'74 Chargers. Maybe I just don't like '71-'74 Chargers because they are nowhere near as good looking as '68-'70 Chargers.

    1. I've posted worse (the Gilette) but as for Chargers, this was the worst. Side trim? With Cragar SS rims? UGGG!

  2. The 70s were a dark time for auto styling and performance (CRAP! build quality !)....

  3. I've always liked the Monkey Carlo without a vinyl roof.
    There was damn few of 'em made that way!