Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Last April, a Porsche speedster was hit head on by a stoned driver in a Corolla... here's a good news update

He's back, and posting on the Ferrari Chat forum again

Here was his 1st comment (July 30 2016) after the April 2016 collision:
I read this entire thread. THANK YOU to everyone who posted their well-wishes. Special thanks to Robb for his extreme kindness, and to Eric and Robb (again) for visiting.
Despite a high impact collision between my head and steering wheel, most of my brain and faculties seem to have survived. Physically, some challenges.
Losing Amanda has been crushing. The car was special because we enjoyed it together.
It's very slow to type now but I am getting back online and wanted to let everyone here know I finally got to read this and appreciate every post.

And Sept 24th:

Back home last month with extensive help from a home care agency. Mostly getting driven to therapy and doctor appointments for guesses and clichés, using a walker to get around the house and wheelchair for longer trips. It's good to get outside.
I now read every article on self-driving cars, sad to say.
Again, appreciate all the good thoughts here.

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