Friday, February 10, 2017

Why do we enjoy listening to the car radio? Because it's in STEREO! And the inventor of stereo sound is finally getting recognized, and awarded with a grammy

A brilliant young guy, he was hired to Columbia Gramophone at age 25 to work in the research and development department. Soon after, WW2 kicked off, and he was killed while working on better radar. Because the cutting edge tech was so classified, his death was covered up... and he was never given the respect due to the person that changed, improved, and created the most pleasant way to listen to recorded music and movies

So, since 1935 we've had the pleasure of listening to radio, tv, and movies in stereo, and Alan Blumlein was the guy that is the creator. His grammy will be part of the Feb 12th ceremony.

He also pioneered the Marconi-EMI television system which was adopted by the BBC and was the basis for TV broadcasting until the switch to digital.

Simon Blumlein, his son, said of the Grammy: 'It is a great honour for my father and the Blumlein family. We're immensely proud. He's always been held in the highest esteem by recording engineers and so to now receive this from the wider music industry is simply wonderful.'

Universal boss Sir Lucian Grainge said: 'Alan Dower Blumlein and his prolific period of invention whilst at EMI, not only transformed audio and music recording technology, but also helped shape modern media communications for generations to come through his pioneering work in television.'

Thanks Steve! 

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