Tuesday, February 07, 2017

some crazy wonderful gearheads took a pair of American LaFrance speedsters to the Paris to Peking Rally

Inspired by the above 2007 entrant to the rally, the Traftons began a mission to rally from China to France with their own ginormous cars, and what they started with after looking around the USA for some American LaFrance cars:

http://www.blackhorseracing.com/building-road-rally-racing-roadster/  all of the drop down menus do NOT link to other pages, they result in downloads of some file. I'm not opening them.

They brought a 1915 and a 1925 American LaFrance speedster on the Peking to Paris Rally http://www.endurorally.com/pages/peking-to-paris-motor-challenge-2016-participants

Tim – owner of Red Car Restorations in Rockwall – and his team of auto craftsmen hand-built a 1915 and 1925 American LaFrance, which he and the owner of the vehicles, Steve Trafton of Whidbey Island, WA, will pilot for the month-long rally.

The project took two years to complete, turning what were once two fire trucks into finely-tuned Speedsters measuring nine and a half feet tall and 20 feet long, with the tires measuring at 40 inches tall and the engine displacement at 900 cubic inches.

Steve Trafton(USA) / Katherine Trafton(USA)       1915 - American La France
Tim Taylor(USA) / Ike Trafton(USA)                      1925 - American La France


Below is a 1917 LaFrance Tourer Speedster


a car that can be driven across a continent, and a car you can stand on... I dig that.

http://gerardbrown.photoshelter.com/gallery-collection/Peking-to-Paris-2016/C0000ihFK0ADq8ds  is a great link to see the cars on the route, or get a gallery of any one particular car based on the number it was registered with at this list of oldest to newest in each class http://www.endurorally.com/pages/peking-to-paris-motor-challenge-2016-participants


  1. Now THAT'S why it's good to have money! Look how much fun they're having in those huge roadsters.

  2. The car being stood on is not one of the WA firetrucks, it's a LaFrance speedster driver by two, I think, Germans.

    1. Yes, every photo after I wrote "Below is a 1917 LaFrance Tourer Speedster" is the "1917 LaFrance Tourer Speedster"