Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Central Saanich Police have pulled over someone in a Zamboni near the Pat Bay Hwy and Tanner road reported to be clearing snow on the side roads.

The man, a Central Saanich farmer, had bought the used Zamboni for $300, said Central Saanich Sgt. Paul Brailey. He usually keeps it on his farm. “He saw the snow hadn't been cleared there and he was trying to clear the snow," Brailey said.

Unfortunately, the Zamboni cleared the top layer of snow but flattened the bottom layer, which, if the temperatures dip low enough, could turn into, well, an ice rink.

"I think his intentions were good, I think he was trying to make a difference," Brailey said.

Public works was called to clear the snow he left behind, using the proper snow clearing equipment.

Brailey said the man was escorted back to his property on the Zamboni.




  1. Depending who you listen to, it is uncertain whether the Zamboni was actually flattening out the snow beneath it or not.The official reason that the Saanich police escorted the Zamboni back to the farm was that the machine was not registered or insured to be on a public highway.


    1. Thanks! That is a damn good article and video! I added it to the post, sure appreciate you sending me the link!