Thursday, February 09, 2017

Hold it... hang on, and whoa Nellie. All systems stop! Portago found a 1969-72 Chrysler promo I've never heard of, "Win With Chrysler" one hundred dollar bills in lucite

Steve came through with the answer! Well, an answer. This add (below) doesn't mention the hundred dollars, and I can't see them having the dollar wrapper printed once, for just this one stack, and further, having this and only this stack put in lucite. That's a lot of expense for just one dealership in 1972

But Steve found that these hundred dollar stacks were made in Canada by the Goldfeder Co., you could order them from the factory with the label reading what you wanted it to say. Online there is a statement from a guy who worked there who says only two real dollar bills are in there, the top and bottom. The rest is just a matching colored paper bulk the right size

According to an ad - a "special edition of Chrysler's low-priced Newport Royal" with a first-time offered plush interior, a special color, and a special parchment vinyl roof.

 Second, the contest was apparently a single dealership promotion that ran only for the month of June in 1972

The dealership was Deland Chrysler-Plymouth (Home of the #1 Deal) in Deland Florida, which is about 35 miles north of Orlando.

The band says: $100 - If the numbers on notes in this package do not run in sequence, the substituted notes are indicated by a "Star." Inquiries should include the serial numbers of the notes.

Thanks Steve! 

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