Wednesday, February 08, 2017

the Powell Sport Wagon, a rare California made truck, and this might be the best condition one existing anymore. (they only made about 1200)

I've posted Powell's before, but this one is the best gallery of photos of one I've ever seen. Most photographers give up with the front and back photo, as it's a clunky Russian looking lack of design truck at best, but this one is for sale in Georgia, and they took the time to take photos of the inside, and the slide out tool box... that is to be applauded  hat tip to the brilliant "Bring A Trailer"

For comparison, here is the other one I posted


  1. I just saw this morning on BAT that the seller has added a Powell scooter along with the truck. I enjoy window-shopping on BAT to see what obscure cars like this that they find for sale. Does the green one have a full roof and interior?

    1. I avoided the scooter, I wanted the post to be about the truck design. BAT is fantastic... I don't know, that's the only photo I had of it

  2. I understand about the focus of the post. I did a google search, and I could only find exterior pictures of the wagons. It sounds like there were only a few made. It looks like they left the rounded roof of the pickup truck, and added the flat roof behind it, without blending them together.