Monday, December 02, 2019

So, what happened with the big hoopla about that car show in the Saudi Arabia capital city of Riyadh? Only 3% of the cars sold at auction. Hmmm, FLOP! 4 of the 120 vehicles at auction sold. So... that was a complete waste of time

What were the 4 cars that sold?

Predictably, half the cars that sold were Ferraris, a 2014 F12 Berlinetta and a 1985 Testarossa

The other car was claimed to have been owned by a former prince of Saudi Arabia. It's electric.

And the only other vehicle to sell was the spectacle of supercharging, that Mike Harrah custom built Pete.

I'm guessing right about now Worldwide Auctioneers is trying to figure out how much of a colossal waste of time and money that was. 97% not sold.  "A really neat, historic event" John Kruse, the Principal, Auctioneer, and Appraiser at Worldwide Auctioneers

Kindig, Foose, and Rawlings were all there, and nothing they brought sold.


  1. So is this a statement of what's to come in the high dollar automotive auction world? 97% did not sell. That's not good.

    1. umm, no, it's proof that people in Saudi Arabia like the cars brought there about as much as they liked the World Trade towers. They still like Ferraris, that about all that was keeping in character
      I wouldn't be surprised if they were under orders to not buy the auction cars

    2. Under orders not to buy. You may have something there. There's a lot of shit going on there and I still think the royal family my have another attack planned for us. I really hope I'm wrong.