Monday, December 02, 2019

original owner had this 1970 Camaro Z 28 for 38 years, and only put 3000 miles on it.

the 2nd owner just wanted to make it look brand new, and from 1998 to 2012, focused on restoring the things that deteriorate

it now has 8500 miles on it, as it's now owned by someone who actually enjoys it more than worries about how many miles it has on the odo

The sheetmetal is all factory, including the tall rear spoiler, a homologation part for Trans-Am racing manufactured by A.O. Smith and installed by Chevrolet. It carried a COPO number (9796), and although it was the only COPO option for 1970, it qualifies this Camaro as a COPO car. A Z/28 of this vintage is already rare, as just 8,733 were made in the strike-shortened 1970 model year. But since A.O. Smith needed to produce only 500 of those spoilers to qualify it for racing, a tall-spoiler Z is rarer still.

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