Monday, December 02, 2019

new rule, take your bad attitude and desire to create an argument somewhere else. No one here needs your crazy, we are all full already. Go away

so the "lucky to inherit a rust free 68 Charger" story resulted immediately in some asshole telling me that I'm too fast to congratulate someone on their granny dieing. Wrong, I said that guy was lucky that his grandma gave him her 19k mile 68 Charger... that's effing cool, and wow, she'd stored that Charger for decades, AND kept it in perfect running condition. I can't help it that the conundrum of inheriting is that someone who loves you has to die. That's between then and their inheritors, they COULD give the stuff away while there are years of healthy life left to watch their inheritor enjoy the stuff

JFC, get a life.

And over on the emotional support animal post, some one off their meds decided to pick a fight and wanted to start shit by accusing me of bashing on service dogs for the blind, diabetic, and seizure prone.

No, I never mentioned the noble service dog. I pointed out that lunatics with emotional support squirrels are a nuisance to the public, as that batshit crazy old lady forced an entire plane to dissembark so police could taze her and get her the hell off the plane. There was also mention of the emotional support peacock, and the emotional support pony.

Just letting all you normal people know what's going on in the comments, wasting my time from working on good content. This sort of shit is why people quit blogging, and shut down their sites, and disappear. Cranky, grumpy, off their med morons, who haven't got any happiness in their lives and show up here to try and spread their misery.

I don't know if it's the holidays, of the number of years I've been trying to post fun stuff, but lately the nutjobs are showing up a lot more often, and unloading their crap by the truckload


  1. I wouldn't even acknowledge the asshole trolls criticizing what you post...they love it when you respond. I would just delete the posts and ignore the trolls.

  2. What can I say? BRILLIANT! Keep on trucking bro.

  3. Turn off the comments' section, and I promise 95 % of those idiots will think it's too much effort to send you an email. Yes, I'll miss being able to comment to the JACG audience, but for heaven's sake don't let trolls get you down. What you are doing for making this world a slightly better place is important.

  4. an addition to your DeForest Kelley face: "Ever hear something so stupid it gives you Forest Whitaker eye?". I'd provide the meme but it's not an option in the comments, likely for the best.

    1. lol, yes, I'm familiar with it, but it's uncouth to make fun of someone's physical deformity, or disability, and not for the DeForest Kelly face, a form of physical acting. And the one shit fit I'm responding to, ironically, is someone mistaking me for picking on service dogs, and the people who need them, which I will not do. Ditto Forest Whitaker, whom I deeply respect for his incredible acting and numerous roles in movies. I got no problem calling people jackasses for claiming to need an emotional support squirrel, pony, or peacock.
      But I won't talk shit about kids needing something like a teddy bear, blanket, etc. They're kids. They just get a pass, that's that. But effing adults trying to pass off a dog as a service animal when they simply can't leave the house without a purse dog? fcuk that bullshit. Get a life.

  5. Jesse,in Australia we call it the "tall poppy" syndrome. The better you get,the more success you have,the more the Bludgers(useless pieces of crap that expect society to provide them with a life) want to cut you down.Sadly the western world has now been overrun with these socialist lowlifes! Keep on keeping on Mate...You are the best!

  6. Hello friend. You set yourself up by allowing anonymous posts. "You da man" and always will be!