Sunday, December 01, 2019

some guys have all the luck. This one owner, garage stored, rust free, '68 383 auto Charger with 19k miles was left to a grandson, by his grandma!


  1. Boy, he sure is lucky his Grandma died...

    1. Nice. Did you come here to pick a fight and create some shit?
      He's lucky his grandma had a 68 Charger, and more than that, she put him in the will as the grandkid to inherit it.
      All our grandparents will die.
      So, quit trying to start shit. I don't know why you're miserable and in a shitty mood that you feel the need to spread the crappy outlook you've got, but piss off and take it somewhere else

    2. Good thing he never insinuated that huh?

    3. go ahead, elucidate

  2. Hey Curious, be curious somewhere else. The young man's lucky he had a loving Grandmother. I'm sure he'll cherish this car for the years to come. We should all be so lucky. This '68 reminds me of mine. Same color green, but minus the vinyl top. It had a slant six under the hood, which I thought odd, but I guess that was not unusual for that time.