Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Peugeot's new concept cars have a cool gadget to drive me nuts... it takes the steering wheel away from the human when in "autonomous made" so there's no way to prevent a crash (thanks Mike!)

Fine, that disappearing steering wheel is a neat trick, folding down and sliding into the dash - but since I don't trust a self driving car any farther than I can throw it... I am certain that preventing the driver from grabbing a steering wheel and instantly changing the direction in a collision course is a bad idea


  1. There is absolutely no reason to be afraid... if you chant a proper litany to Machine God every time you would like to drive somewhere. And it need to be honest, Omnissiah will know if you are full of BS. So... pray hard and everything will be just fine. ;)

  2. a Peugeot that not ugly?

    how did that happen?