Thursday, June 27, 2019

Holy SHIT, Hero of the Day driver of an RV with no brakes stayed in the drivers seat and died to prevent his RV from killing anyone, by steering away from them, and crashing into the empty area of a ferry already 30 feet from shore

they had about 2 seconds warning before impact, because he stayed on the horn, from what I see of reactions of people on the ferry before he crashed into it

Witnesses on land told Radio-Canada that Belac did everything he could to warn people around him as the RV sped down the hill, by avoiding cars and honking at pedestrians.

"He was trying to stop by swerving into the metal gates on the side of the road," said one pedestrian who witnessed the crash.

Quebec provincial police said 40-year-old Eric Belec wasn't able to stop the RV, which careened down an embankment and off a launch ramp before crashing in a heap on the ferry

Thanks Gary!

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