Tuesday, October 09, 2018

with a 1977 VW van, a hopeful restaurateur took his creations on the road, and serves only a handful of people at a time his cocktails and entrees

in the summers, they take the show on the road: https://www.instagram.com/ggnchan/
in the winters, he works at New York speakeasy Angel's Share

in 2016, he won the prestigious Bacardi Legacy Competition

The USBG Legacy Cocktail Showcase, a.k.a. Bacardi Legacy, is easily one of the most recognized bartending competitions in the world. Unlike competitions that prize over-the-top, imaginative and often complex concoctions, Legacy highlights the drinks that could one day become the Cuba Libres, daiquiris and mai tais of our generation: modern-day classics that will withstand the test of time, with recipes that can be easily replicated at bars around the world. A victory at Legacy is one of the highest honors that someone in the craft cocktail industry can achieve — and this year, it went to a bartender who’d never set foot on a competition stage before.

In fact, Gn Chan wasn’t even planning on entering the competition when he first developed the recipe for his winning drink: it was all part of a friendly staff competition at Angel’s Share, where he works. “It started as an assignment in our bar; everyone had to make a drink using Bacardi Legacy standards,” says Chan, who started developing his recipe in early spring of 2015. “The hard part is, you have to choose [ingredients] that everyone can easily get, and you have to represent your story,” he says.


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