Tuesday, October 09, 2018

22 seconds after renting a Ferrari, she crashed it. 600 thousand dollar car, poof, destroyed


  1. In China ? They don't know what a Ferrari is, so...

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    3. they don't have the culture of Italian cars? Other than the Italians... tell me... who DOES have the "culture" of Italian cars? Who has the Bizzarini? The Siata? "culture"?
      You're not being fair to the Chinese. Hong Kong has long had all those expensive cars. Hell man, India had more Rolls Royces than Europe. See? Those poor people in the home country could not afford the cars they made. I'll even guess there are more BMWs in the USA than in all of Germany and Austria combined.
      Your assertion that the people of China don't know what a Ferrari is? That's not right. Hell, I've seen plenty of the cars of Italian makers, and can't afford anything but a broken down ol Fiat, at best!

  2. BizzaRRini please... BI-ZZA-RRI-NI.
    Ask any Chinese (or Russian, or people in India, Africa...) what a Bizzarrini or a Siata is. Ask them who is the great Giotto Bizzarrini, Marcello Gandini, Giovanni Savonuzzi, Franco Scaglione...
    Ask the Japanese what a Bizzarrini, Siata, Bandini, Stanguellini is (I mean people who love cars). They know it because they have a car culture in Japan. And don't forget that Hong-Kong was not Chinese before...
    Maybe I use the wrong words. When I say car culture, I mean history. Today, some Chinese people (or Russian) can buy those modern and fast supercars (Ferrari or other brands) because now they have some money. But I think very few of them know the history of these brands. Another example is the Hot-Rod culture. You have it in the USA, but we don't have the Hot-Rod culture in Europe. I love Hot-Rods.

    1. hang on. First, you say ask any Chinese... then, you say ask the Japanese that love cars.
      Ok. You just went full caps on my misspelling of Bizzarrini, a word from a language I do not speak for what that's worth, and then you drop "ask any Chinese, but only Japanese that LOVE cars"

      ANY person that loves cars doesn't have a nationality problem. You seriously didn't even notice that? Any Chinese that LOVE cars will know all this stuff too.
      I believe this is more evidence that you have an issue with the Chinese. You state that very few of them know the history of the brands.
      Hey, let me be the first to tell you, if only a few of the 2 billion Chinese know Italian car brand history? Than that is more than all the Italians alive. It's math.
      Also, 3rd bit of evidence of your outlook on the Chinese, you state that they can now buy these cars because now they have some money. How is THAT, ANY different from everyone that ever went from poor to rich and bought a Ferrari?
      Pink Floyd drummer Nick Ferrari Collector Mason is exactly that. had no money, got rich, bought Ferrari.
      Hey, I got no problem with you. But, you have shown a lot of bias against Chinese. I am just pointing it out, as you haven't seemed to get that everything you've said about them applies to everyone else, though at different times in history maybe, but they still outnumber everyone else, 6 to 1 in the case of China to USA. Far more to your country... and damn few people anywhere care a whit about the brand history of any car makers. I tell you that, as a guy that lives and breathes car culture and history.... no one out there seems to care much, even in the industry. There have been over a hundred Italian car companies from what I saw in Wikipedia, as I'm not going to waste time counting.
      I doubt even car people can name more than a dozen, even Italian car people.
      Can you find one that does? Probably, but most can't.
      I sure as hell can't, and this is all I do. 24/7/355/13 years

    2. I'm sorry, I tried to use the right words, but I failed. You don't understand what I mean and I don't have a language culture. My language is French and German.
      Maybe I have an issue with the Chinese. Not so much people but their industry, their way to do business. What are their car brands ? We'll see in a near future. Too long to explain here.
      Let's not fight. It's not important. Please keep posting so we can enjoy the news every day.

    3. "And don't forget that Hong-Kong was not Chinese before..." you're either 1)"forgetting" 2)never been there (I have, 1995) 3)don't know that Hong Kong has always been Chinese by population, though you're of course thinking that they all left when the island was given a 100 trade lease to the English. That didn't change who lived there, just who profitted from taxes on them.
      Bruce, I do believe you have an issue with the Chinese. A lot of people do, you're not alone. But, they are the same as any other group of humans... fed up with their govt, eat a lot of bad food, produce a lot for export, and have at least one coast with an ocean view.

    4. I may understand what you mean, and am just appalled at how it was translated from French and German to English. Their industry? Well, Henry Ford was an industrial genius, and still had the Battle of the Overpass. So, the way who does business is not to your taste? How about Ford's appeasement of the Nazi Germans?
      If you can't find much good to say about their car makers, you might see that it's a result of their govt, like the Russians, not the people or what they would rather make, and drive. Geely, Vovlo, those are 2 Chinese car makers. Yes, Volvo. It was bought by people who are smarter at making cars. After all, VW owns Porsche, who saw that coming?

    5. I'm not fighting, I'm just not letting an entire people get slighted to my face, on my site, without a reply in defense of a good people.
      You show me one other race that can say solemnly that they had one of their own stand down a line of fucking tanks, knowing he would not live another day
      I honor that man.