Monday, October 08, 2018

supercharged hemi Cobra, a Chris Craft Cobra, not a Shelby Cobra

Chris Craft used the name Cobra in 1955. So, Shelby wasn't the first or the last.


  1. When it comes to being on the water there's nothing more beautiful as an old wooden boat

  2. The boat is a Chris-Craft Cobra, and the engine a Chrysler Marine 331ci hemi, is that right?

    1. It's a Chris Craft Cobra, I've posted it before, but this is a better engine photo, and I hadn't realized from the other article the boat website did that it's super charged. Is it a 331? 353? 392? Dunno, and don't care. It's a Mopar baby hemi, or a 426? Not sure, but probably a small one. I think there were 4.