Wednesday, October 10, 2018

read what she says about working in a muffler shop... it's dead on.

It's refreshing to read someone say something logical. 


  1. It's stories like that making me remember my luck of being male (and white). All the crap I do not have to put up with....

    1. She was working with some assholes, but, that's not the point I was posting it for. She realized she wasn't special, just new, and didn't know anything, and was humble. That's the real point.
      If they eally were giving her shit for two years, then she's also very tenacious, and stuck it out. Also admirable.
      Anyway, I wanted you to know why I posted it.
      Now for the rest of the story... she's still working there, selling accessories, and you can see that if you look her up with Accessory Masters.

    2. hell, if you look up Muffler Masters you'll see that same house in the background across the street

  2. She stuck to it, learned and succeeded in her job. Never mind the age the sex or even the damn color. That makes her a true American in my view, and if I'm wrong, so be it. Ashley, you can work on my car anytime. Or sell me a pair of mufflers for my truck. You go girl!

  3. yeah, like white males who start working in a business as a newbie rookie doesnt get made fun of or harassed.

    only we arent some special protected minority class so we cant complain about it.

    1. hmmmm, well, that's not what I took from it, and not why I posted it. You're certainly right about the new guy getting shit from the old crew anywhere you start working. No, that's as common as wet water. The problem is that instead of civilized behavior the old crew are a bunch of assholes. Also not the point I was trying to feature. No, I was taken by her understanding of the common situation, and that she did NOT make it a sexist issue, instead, she actually spells it out that she realized that the new member of the crew didn't know shit, and is owed no respect. That one word, respect? It's something I've mentioned a HELL of a lot here on this site.
      Mostly, because it alone is why I feature the mechanics, the tools, the customs, the builds, the icons and legends, the photographers and artists, the designers and manufacturers.
      I respect the work, the effort, and the accomplishments, and like she said, the new aren't OWED any respect as they haven't earned it.
      She, on the other hand, gets my respect for not playing the sexist card in her shitty 2 year situation where the old crew were assholes.
      I can't even figure out why, other than she was very unlucky... most guys fall over themselves to ingratiate themselves with the newest women to work with them, as women smell better, sound nicer, and sure as hell are easier to look at. After 10 years in all male crews, barracks, and jobs I was quite relieved to finally work with women, compared to cranky old cigarette smoking coffee drinking burping man breath followed by a farting contest.
      As to the minority class, I disagree. We white men are most definitely the the last minority class. We aren't allowed into women only events, schools, clubs, associations, businesses, etc. Ditto any black colleges, universities, the congressional black caucus, and affirmative action plan front of the line privileges.
      The only thing to do is prove we don't need the special protections afforded every other race, sex, and etc. We can still rule the world without them.
      (see what I did there? Prove we're most definitely discriminated against, and yet, still run the most powerful country and military the human race has ever known) Though, truth be told, generations of white men certainly fucked the planet up, and every race and country we've ever came into contact with. Lucky for us, we - you and I, get to be blamed for what others that look like us have done. They've got us cornered on that one. No woman ever was an explorer for native gold, ship captain for the domination of foreign countries for trade in textiles, goods and slaves, and spices. No, they ran England and Spain and had men gad off about the planet and do it for them. Reminder, it's a woman on most every coin in the countries of the former British Empire.
      Sigh. The war between the sexes, and races, is a complicated thing. Unfortunately, there will be no winner, only losers. The women can't tolerate that men shouldn't be discriminated against, and yet, at the same time, must not have any men about while they champion the cause of women, ergo, discriminating from men benefiting from the business of woman who feel that they are discriminated against.
      How mucked up is that? To discriminate and exclude men, to rise above the discrimination and exclusions they find men cause. Quite the catch 22.
      But then, double standards can't ever work for white men, only against them... or, what good would it be to have a double standard to begin with? Examples, dress codes where women can wear slacks/pants or dresses skirts, but men can't wear shorts or kilts and must wear pants/slacks. Or preferred parking for women, and excluding men.
      Maybe generations from now, far in the future will be so damn homogenized that everyone wears the same jumpsuits, has the same hair style, uses the same perfume, and can use either of 2 toilets at a business without a discriminatory sign on the door... after all, homes do not have mens and womens bathrooms.