Sunday, July 22, 2018

this seems to be an FM radio that gets inserted into the 8 track slot of an AM 8track car radio


  1. Yes it is...I had one in 1967 that was for a 4-track tape deck, before I had an 8-track player a year later.

  2. Yes, it filled a gap for car owners before FM was common on car radios but 8 tracks were popular both as manufacturers options and as aftermarket units. This one was able to have an external antenna plugged in for better reception the 9 volt battery powered the radio as I recall, and the connector next to the external antenna plugin was to run it off of the car's electrical system.

  3. I had one and it may still be out in my shop with the 8 track player..Also two cases of 8 tracks...

    1. well, it's a cool little gadget! I'm surprised I've never seen one before! Two cases of 8 tracks... that's a good number! More than that would be to many to carry around, less than that is too few to have a good variety and select enough cool music that you are listening to them in faster rotation than the radio stations