Friday, July 27, 2018

Adele is still happily driving her 66 Mustang, with a stick shift, and she's one of the few original owners of a cool old Mustang that's not just taking it to car shows. It's still her daily commuter

She brings it to Dallas Mustang for routine service.

Graduating from Austin College in, Sherman, Texas, back in 1959, Adele went to work as a church secretary and started saving for a new car. Six years later, she bought her first and last car from the Horn-Williams Ford dealership in Dallas – a 1966 Mustang because "It was the most artistically designed car on the market,’ says Adele.

She was on a tight budget and attempted to order her car sans A/C, whitewall tires, radio, and tinted glass. It was a tall order for a car where these options are almost mandatory for survival in the hot Texas summer heat. Two months later, the dealer gave up on the search and Adele bought the least-expensive car on the lot, this yellow fastback with black interior, a straight 6, and 3-speed manual transmission.

Adele paid ‘one dollar for every pound the car weighed,’ or about $2,600, as her memory serves. This is the only car she has driven for the past 53 years.

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