Thursday, July 26, 2018

what came in the following trim levels? Nomad, the Greenbrier, and the Concours.

a 71 Chevelle wagon


  1. I went shopping with my dad for a new wagon in 69. He was going to buy the Concours but the salesman skinned the side trying to back it out of the parking lot. Wound up with Greenbriar. They also had a Concours Estate with wood grain Dynoc in 69. Maybe 71, too.

    1. good ol 3M vinyl woodgrain!
      It astonishes me that salesmen can't drive or park as well as I expected. AND, dealership managers do nothing to give these salesmen any driving and parking training.
      It turns out, that car salesmen rarely are worth investing any training into, as they rarely are going to last, and few have any "sales" gift for convincing customers to part with money