Thursday, July 26, 2018

There are two kinds of parking violators, the wealthy, and everyone else

Why? Because tow truck companies don't want to get sued by the incredibly wealthy. But, they'll tow your Nissan in a second.

Also, if a rich guy doesn't want to pay a parking ticket? He has lawyers, or even a law firm, to deal with that. What's a 100k legal fees to someone who makes 50 million a year? Around a days pay.

Imagine having a bunch of lawyers that can handle your legal troubles, and win, for one day of your pay. You wouldn't even blink, would you? Nope.

And the poor? Some can't even pay the ticket, end up owing more in fines for unpaid tickets, get bench warrants for arrest for failure to pay tickets, fines, and if they miss a court date? Instant jail time.

Same original offense... far different outcomes.
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  1. I have an ADA tag and have run into a number of morons who don't care if I'm unable to walk. My modus operandi now is to park behind the scofflaw and go about my business in a casual fashion. I returned to my truck one day to find a very irate young woman threatening to back her Prius into my truck if I didn't move immediately. I replied I would gladly call the police department to report the accident and let her explain to the responding officer why she was parked in an ADA space when she doesn't have a plate or mirror placard and why she was compelled to back into my vehicle. I took my time loading my packages and moving my truck.

    1. I am sending a high five your way Ned! I wish you had photos or a video of that encounter to share!