Saturday, June 09, 2018

I was re-watching World's Fastest Indian, and there's a face I recognized

Walton Goggins gets a lot of screen time in the 2nd half of the movie, when the 3rd act begins as Burt Monro gets to the salt, and tech inspectors find fault with everything on the Indian.

if you don't know him by name, and can't identify him by looks, he's the guy in the Isky tshirt above.

I first noticed him in Justified, and then saw him in a couple seasons of Sons of Anarchy


  1. This movie is just a must. I went to Bonneville twice. Fantastic place.

  2. Great actor. He was very good in "The Shield" a terrific series.

  3. Jesse,
    Given all the posts you make, I can't believe you ever have time to watch a film, never mind re-watch it.

    1. i do love watching movies. If I didn't have to work, I'd probably get back to work on my book of the best poetry, then a couple screenplays I want to write, adapt a couple books into screen plays, write a couple plays, and then, look around the country for a while to see cool things, photograph beautiful things, etc etc

    2. Now Jesse, don't be playing coy with us. ;)

    3. Naah. You'd just post even more blog entries.