Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Oh wow, this is cool art made from plastic gas and watering cans! The sculpture work of Olivier Mercier was featured in the Robinson M Art Gallery

Self-taught artist "Hunter" of cans, collector of objects and materials of all kinds, recycler, processor...
This is what pleases Olivier, "I like this idea to give a second life, to reincarnate, these everyday objects of everyday life, discarded, become useless, without interest or function, the tired, gnawed, rusty, dented, deformed, cooked by time, discarded, become useless, without interest, or function, as characters and creatures with a new existence, in the form of faces a little strange, a little enigmatic and frankly endearing, freely inspired by the art of the mask in the African societies.

A gallery of portraits and characters who express freeing themselves from their artificial nature, amused and playful, this hyphen between an ultra modern society, laminated and a return to the source, the intrinsic value of objects.


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  1. Man I really like this, kind a inspiring to me.