Sunday, June 03, 2018



  1. Amazing brotherhood of comrades in arms. Thank you gentlemen for your service. I salute you.

  2. Headline and jsfury's comment says it all.

  3. I feel really bad for these guys, getting maimed and killed in a pointless, useless never ending war.

    1. Korea, pointless. They are still technically at war, and still fire shots across the border. Vietnam, pointless. Iraq, Afghanistan? As far as I can tell, pointless. I don't give a damn what people in some sandbox country do to each other, I'm more concerned with whats going on in my city, county, state, country, continent. No matter what they do to each other in Afghanistan, it's that country's govt's problem to deal with, and I'm sick of the USA spending 4 billion dollars a year over there. 30 billion total so far, all American taxpayer dollars. You know that would make medication free for all Americans instead?