Thursday, June 07, 2018

People have lost connection with reality, and are trying to sell this Porsche for 46 thou


  1. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Yeah, I'd be one to say there's about $30,000.00 worth of Porsche missing. Most notably the floor pan is completely gone and the center beam is so bad they've taped a 2x4 to keep the whole thing from collapsing on itself. I looked this one up on Hemming's site and it gave a little more info; nothing interesting about its provenance but it is a highly desirable 'pre-A' 356 which means it's one of about 7000 built. Fully restored a pre-A convertible is worth $250,000.00.

    1. and anyone with a vin can take a pile of parts and make a new one. After anyone completes a restoration of this, there actually will only be a pile of parts, and a vin. No wonder people prefer to buy them unrestored for investments... you can't fool anyone with good welding and paint when it's still original. Your looking at the flaws, and the totality of the naked bones of a car before it's restored, and you've avoided bad worksmanship by someone in a hurry to flip a car for profit. Damn investors

    2. Anonymous6:50 AM

      This is most certainly true. And if you want to have fun driving a 356 you can buy a replica for less than the cost of this basket case.

  2. 1978 or so..I almost purchased a barn find 356..Good thing I took my mechanic and older Porsche owner, from work along...The topside was great, engine trans interior, he took a peek underneath and the only things holding together were the rugs and floor-mats..Thanks Jim!....I would have bought it...