Monday, June 04, 2018

a lot ended up like this with only a few miles on them.

trees and telephone poles took out a lot of cars... what is more terrible is that the rest of the parts on cars like this are fantastic... on this Bee, the grill, front bumper, headlight bucket, scoops, maybe the hood, the turn signal lenses, and maybe the engine... plus the gears, rear axle, brake drums, tail light panel, brake light lenses, gas tank, etc

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  1. I wish I had a photo of the '67 R/T that I bought the Hemi drive train out of. It launched off a curve at some ungodly speed and went end-over-end. When I got the rear end it was already in the air. The engine/trans had to be cut out. Car had barely over 6K miles when he wrecked it and died after just returning from Vietnam.