Thursday, June 07, 2018

a 70 yr old and his buddy, 76 years old, died when the 68 Charger they were in was t boned by a van, bending the car's ends about 30 degrees in different directions. Gresham Oregon, 2:30pm, June 5th

The Sheriff's dept thinks the skid marks that begin at a nearby stop sign and end at the wreck came from the Dodge, the fatal crash happened a little after 2:30 p.m. near Southeast Dodge Park Boulevard and 302nd Avenue. The car apparently crossed the center line before the crash, he said.

the best guess, until someone posts an interview with the van driver, is that the driver of the Charger was showing off a bit, spun the tires from the stop sign, but when the wheelspin was over, and the tires caught traction, he lost control and spun in front of the van

in the below image, to the reporters side you can see the u shaped red spray paint show the beginning of a couple burnouts

Ironically, the road they were on, is actually named Southeast Dodge Park Boulevard, and a nearby intersection is 302nd Ave

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