Sunday, June 03, 2018

14 years ago Fremont Michigan high school students conspired to hold an unofficial event, now Drive Your Tractor to School Day is an annual tradition in many small towns across America.

The school's parking lot was filled with at least 40 tractors before classes even began Thursday, and officials said more tractors were parked outside the town's middle and elementary schools.

"It's a celebration by the Fremont Public Schools of the farming community in which we live," Superintendent Ken Haggart told "It gives us an opportunity to recognize the importance of farming in our community."

Haggart said tractor day is "one of the highlights of the school year."

"Between Daisy Brook Elementary -- yes, we have younger kids who drive lawn tractors -- to our middle school and high school kids, we may have as many as 50 tractors," Haggart said.

Some students said it takes them up to two hours to drive the slow-moving farm vehicles from their homes to the schools.

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