Sunday, February 12, 2017

the last GNX produced by GM, the one they call No. 547, was just accidentally found, and it's only got 67 miles on it. It was bought, coveted, and taken care of, but not really ever enjoyed

GNXs were being sold at dealer-only auctions, with prices skyrocketing to $75,000 in some instances—more than double the car’s sub-$30,000 MSRP, that was in 1987, when $30,000 was one hell of a lot of money for new factory muscle.

Northside Buick in Pittsburgh was advertising its last GNX for sale. Ron immediately called the dealership and told the salesman that he would take the car sight-unseen for $32,000 cash.

 Ron went to the dealer right away to pick up his gleaming trophy

A month later Ron received a call from the dealership. “We have a problem,” the conversation started. “Turns out number 547 was the last off the production line, and GM would like to have it back.” Now, Ron really loved that GNX and had every right to own the car. So he did what most muscle car guys would do. He said no.

He never titled the car, so GM would really never know where the car was, or even if it still existed. It was kept on its Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin.

Every six months or so he would take it out and drive it, if only for a few miles. The car racked up about 50 miles over the years, mainly on twice-yearly trips around the block.

But the need to drive a GNX soon got the best of him, so he did what most car guys would do if they had the means: He bought another GNX.

His wife was selling a car for a friend, and let it slip that 547 belonged to her husband, and the person she was talking to is incredibly rich, and made an incredibly big dollar offer. So, now it's onto it's 2nd owner.


  1. It ran pretty good for it's day.....but take the motor out and talk of the build quality/fit/finish/etc.

    1. I rarely ever consider thinking this way, as MOST muscle cars had an incredible engine, and lousy build quality, lousy fit and finish. So, I'll pass.

  2. I came "this" close to buying a GN..My friend worked at another dealer in Seattle and I was offered a great deal..Don't recall what I bought instead...Oh yeah, Silverado pick-em truck...I must have been getting "older".....