Thursday, February 16, 2017

Steve got inspired to build a 1940s era correct 1930 roadster... it's pretty damn cool

Steve nickel plated the top of the vintage oil filter (known as a Kralinator Oil Conditioner) in, of all things, a Crock Pot. The process involved vinegar, some guitar strings, and a 6-volt battery!

Here's a 239ci ’39 Mercury engine with a cool as hell story. “It was pulled out of an old hot rod back in the ’60s to make room for a small-block Chevy. It then sat around untouched for more than four decades.”

 The motor has an ancient Echlin coil, which relies on a light bulb as a resistor and a brass heat sink (what?!?!)  a pair of Stromberg 97s, a 3/4 race cam, a crab-style Ford distributor, and a 6-volt generator.

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