Saturday, February 18, 2017

driving on water.. I want to know, is there a speed that any vehicle must attain in order to drive on water? Or, is it a mix of tire size, tread, air pressure, rpm per tire, 4 wheel drive, and then weight of vehicle plus the speed before the vehicle gets to the water?

wouldn't it be right to call these the only real ATV? They seem to be all terrain, and even on water... I've seen them drive up those Iceland cliffs too


  1. Just A Car Guy,
    That is so cool. Just to think that a car can drive on water with the correct tire and tire speed. I guess it make sesnse but it still blows my mind that something heavy like a car can drive on water. You will for sure need a high power engine and performance transmission to even think about being able to do something like this. I have to say I'm very impressed.