Wednesday, February 15, 2017

the Chevrolet display engines and transmissions made for the 1964 Worlds Fair

Introduced approximately in 1972, the Turbo-Fire 350 as it appeared in the Camaro Z28 only carried a net rating of 245 horsepower for a couple of years – 1973 and 1974 – and it was in the latter of those years that the engine benefited from High-Energy Ignition, which dates this particular points ignition cutaway to 1973.

okay that one rolled on the x axis. Fine. You get good look at it. But this next one is WOW... made for the Worlds Fair, so it was out to impress a lot of people, but how have I never heard of it until now?
It is the only non-Corvette to receive a Special Bloomington Gold Certificate when displayed in the Special Collection June 2001. It's now in the Yager Family Museum in Illinois

the front half of the engine moves to the left and then spins around!

General Motors prided itself on having the most spectacular displays around, and for the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, they were going to pull out all the stops. Their showcase, the 230,000 square-foot Pavilion, dominated the Fair, and from the top, it literally looked down over Chrysler while the facade towered above Ford and their Magic Skyway. Inside, GM created the vast Futurama II. In such a hall of wonders, this small display, innocently labeled “Turbo-Jet 427 V-8 Engine,” could have been overlooked. If you had been drawn to the Corvette, however, you would have first recognized that nothing like this X-3 engine was available in the 1964 Corvette—and then realized what an extraordinary cutaway it is. Built with incredible attention to detail, both the engine and attached transmission rotate. Its real trick, however, is that the two halves slide apart for a look at the internal rotating components.


but a full amazing gallery at

the next one isn't as amazing, but it was caught on video instead of photos.

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