Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A moment to pause, and ponder why cops have made wearing club vests and jackets illegal, it's a strange thing.

So, a vest or jacket with a biker club words and symbol is enough to freak out cops, and get the wearer shot dead, and that isn't exaggerating, but wearing a symbol of a religion that (as I understand it) has a fatwa, a religious death wish / holy order to kill / jihad (if I'm wrong, well, so be it, I don't speak the language, but I saw the towers fall and the plane plow into the pentagon, and the reporter get his head cut off - for being American) to kill the Americans. 

If anyone of the muslim religions (I understand that there are a couple, the ones Saddam was with, and the ones he was committing genocide on) is offended by my lack of understanding of just what the accurate religious directions are, well, that is too bad. Mixed messages from your religion have that effect. Selling daughters as wives, punishing rape victims, and beating wives are all equally as socially acceptable as killing Americans, is my understanding of the muslim religion/culture.

And now I return to the regularly scheduled goofball stuff with wheels

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