Thursday, February 16, 2017

the "Buddy" Stewart truck

The Stewart Motor Company was founded in 1912 in Buffalo NY by Thomas Lippard and R. G. Stewart. and for the next thirty years they manufactured some of the finest medium duty trucks in the USA. Their marketing plan was to be a moderately priced model between the two giants International Harvester and REO. Every manufacturer had a name for their light duty trucks. Stewart called their's the "Buddy" to compete with the International "Special Delivery" and the REO "Speed Wagon".

The Stewart Motor Corporation of Buffalo, New York, began building commercial vehicles in 1912. For 1915 and 1916 only, hey offered a passenger car, before returning to what they did best. In 1926 they introduced the “Buddy”– a medium truck with road-going performance During the 1921 model year, he Stewart Company announced that it was going to manufacture its first civilian pickup truck. This new addition was market towards the everyday tradesman or farmer, here the previous models were almost exclusively marketed commercial. The Stewart pickup was then offered as an express, stake, panel and a special farmer’s model.

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