Friday, February 17, 2017

so much WANT! A 1959 Atlas truck from England

Produced in 1959 the Atlas 10/12 cwt pickup was marketed as a ‘Sturdy, reliable, easy to handle and all always quick off the mark whatever the weather.’

Fully restored in 1997 this multi award winning pickup is in immaculate condition proudly wearing the shell branding. The history file contains original brochures, servicing manuals and a variety of MOTs along with historic photos of the vehicle in past liveries, medals and trophies.

This would be the ideal Goodwood ride, with the pick-up bay more than capable of carrying a few period-correct passengers revelling in the Revival atmosphere.'


  1. The standard Atlas (like this one) total carrying capacity was rated at 10 Cwt including the driver. That's about 500 kilo or 1100 pounds. Two full 55 gal oil drums weigh about 950 and an average driver about 250 Lbs....... Hmmmmm.
    With 35 of Britain's best horses and a final drive ratio of 6.66:1, superb handling characteristics, and a robust electrical system proudly supplied by the Prince of Darkness....... I hesitate to say.......Unleash the fury!

    Think Tempo transporter with the Holden 179 3 litre 6......Tripple 45 Webers, high comp alloy head, solid lifter cam, bored and balanced capable of 13 second passes.

    Muchly more betterer...

    1. and lower it 8 inches, to just below the hub cap.

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