Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Used Cars, 1980 comedy movie with Kurt Russel, Jack Warden, Michael McKean

Used-car salesman Rudy Russo (Kurt Russell) needs money to run for State Senate. His boss, Luke (Jack Warden), loans him the cash, but then falls victim to an "accident" orchestrated by his brother Roy, who runs the car lot across the street and is scheming to take over Luke's shop. After Luke disappears, it's all-out war between the competing car shops, as Rudy and his friends fight to keep Roy from taking Luke's property.

Useless trivia: Two cars from Grease are shown as junkers to be used for driver's ed, in the below photo

this next clip ain't safe to listen to at work, or around the kids. Just FYI

but the above one is PG, it's the original trailer for the movie

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