Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Suzuki issues recall for a single Cappuccino. Right, only one model exists, and they issued a recall.

Suzuki has launched a nationwide recall campaign in Japan that affects only one car. That’s not a typo. There is apparently only a single 1996 Suzuki Cappuccino with the problem, and rather than reach out to the owner directly, the company issued a standard recall as if it impacted thousands of cars.

Even more amazing, the problem was a minor oversight at the factory that didn’t change the car’s operability one iota, and it took them 21 years to realize it.

More astonishing, the reason was that the engine didn’t have it’s K6A stamp on it. That’s it. How they even realized they forgot to stamp a single engine over two decades ago is beyond imagination

Essentially, the owner of this car just got a lucky break because their 21-year-old engine gets replaced from the factory, for free, with a brand new K6A with zero miles on it.

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