Tuesday, February 14, 2017

12 speed overhead cam Rajo 4 banger with a lot of cool build details

The 1925 T was originally hot rodded back in the 1950s to compete in the Signal Hill (later Shell Hill) Hill Climb in Long Beach. The car’s original builder, whose name has been lost in the sands of time, hopped up the four-cylinder engine with a Rajo BBR head—the racing version of the overhead-valve conversion—and then further modified it to run an overhead cam.

The original T transmission is still hooked to the engine and still controlled by the T’s left pedal. Behind it is a 1920s-vintage Muncie three-speed transmission, shifted by a lever poking through the floor, and out back is a two-speed Ruckstell rearend, engaged by another lever in the floor.

the distributor is protected from fuel leaks by an old "Swingspout"  mechanics oil can split open and bolted to the frame.

That curved top is cool and a nice looking trim piece for a professionally made look, instead of garage hacked sheet metal

WW2 tank crew helmet


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