Saturday, February 18, 2017

the price of lawsuits due to stupid people, has nearly doubled the price of a 2 gallon gas can, and put Blitz out of business

Blitz is out of business. Because in 2010, a Utah jury awarded more than $4 million to the father of a 2-year-old girl killed when a Blitz can exploded after the father, David Calder, tried to start a fire in a wood-burning stove in his trailer home by pouring gasoline on the flame.

In 2010 a 2 gal plastic portable gas can was 15 dollars at a corner gas station. It was 8 dollars online.

but now? The cheapest one on Amazon is $13 dollars

For a cheap damn piece of plastic.

Go to a swap meet if you want to buy a cheap old gas can. 

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  1. The idiotic design of modern gas cans is a pet peeve of mine. The last new one I got pissed me off so bad that I threw it away. Now I buy old ones at the flea market.

    The up side is that I now own quite a few almost-antique gas cans, including a couple of the nice old round metal ones.

    Steve Z