Friday, February 17, 2017

a 1922 Labourdette Sliver Ghost, and I've never heard of Labourdette working up a silver ghost

why do I mention Labourdette like you should know what I'm talking about? Because of the incredible Mercedes that stick in my head, so unforgettable,  and the unreal 1939 Rolls Royce Phantom III Labourdette Vutotal which I bet you immediately see and think, oh hell, that stunning car

This makes me say god damn... how the hell anyone envisions this masterpiece, and then actually makes it happen, flawlessly, to plan... blows my tiny pea brain

So yeah, when I say Labourdette, I figure some of you readers will recall the stupendous cars I've shown you made by that French master carrossier 

Some carozzeria are like that to me, one example of their work just stands out of my memory bank of cars and smacks me in the brain like a basketball to the face. The Jonkheere Rolls is another example, and so is the Vanvooren name, see the next post

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