Sunday, February 12, 2017

a trio of hemis from the 60s used to crash test other cars

The Calspan Corporation in Buffalo is one of the pioneers in the field of automotive crash research and needed something to keep themselves at the forefront of that industry in the early 1970s. What they came up with was crash testing well beyond the limits of crashing a single car into a fixed object in the form of a wall, another car, or guardrail, etc.

The wanted to recreate real world accidents with moving cars and different angles among other situations. They devised a pulley and tow system using steel cables to propel the cars and called up Chrysler to order up all the horsepower that they needed to move the driverless vehicles. That call netted the lab three solid lifter, dual quad, top of the heap Hemi engines that would provide the last piece of their puzzle.

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