Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ford Cougar II, built on a Cobra Chassis CSX 2008

The Cougar II had a fiberglass body, a 260 High-Performance engine and a four-speed transmission. It was a GT two-passenger sports car that appeared to be a suitable contender for the Chevrolet Corvette String Ray. The car had a fastback roof, concealed 'pop-up' headlights, and full instrument interior.

The high-performance 260 cubic-inch V8 engine was capable of carrying the Cougar II to an estimated top speed of 170 miles per hour. When interior air pressure exceeded 15 pounds per square inch, a relief panel across the rear of the passenger compartment would automatically open. The purpose of this panel was to relieve the extreme pressure that would be caused at high speeds, which may have resulted in the rear window being blown out. Another feature to the car was a spring-loaded window-lift mechanism to the curved side windows.


seems obvious that Ford had Vignale try for something exactly between the Jag E-type, and the Vette.


  1. I never realised just how many Cobra's were built Vs Sold. Or what they did with all the left overs....

    1. thanks! I did a couple posts on that topic, and, well, there were some strange places they ended up. I don't think I have a simple way to link to them all, that doesn't include all the Cobras I've posted, as well as the things the Cobra chassis and power trains were bought for, and used in, either intentionally, or incidentally. The Mercer Cobra, for example, the Manta Ray of Dean Jeffries... those are two of the most unusual cases. The Bordinat is just like this one... and I'd forgotten I'd posted about both of them. Oh, also, people bought the chassis and parts from Shelby and made their own Daytonas... he certified them, they raced them... and no one seems to have known about it