Saturday, January 14, 2017

Vintage lawn mowers


  1. Possibly one of the cooler things you've posted recently, Jesse.

    It goes to show that not only have major car manufacturers erased the soul of most of the vehicles produced today, but so have lawnmower manufacturers. Like Clarkson says, if you're going to be a true car guy (or groundskeeper) you'll want to form a relationship with your car (or lawnmower). Every relationship has its quirks. We need more quirky relationships!

    1. well thanks! click on the tag "lawnmower" under the post to see the ones I've posted in the past. I agree, and that's why new stuff just doesn't interest me, and doesn't get posted here.... old stuff was designed, not mimicked. Now most cars look like others, (I've posted the identical cars made by different companies) and have no visual identifiers that make it possible to tell what it is from a block away, or in the dark

  2. I believe the Victa mower in the second picture was made in Australia. A few years ago, they were still in business, making mowers. This one looks like it has one actuator to adjust the height on all four wheels.
    A lot of products show variety like this in the early days, before one dominant design takes over the market, and everyone else copies it. These are some great designs.

  3. Some of those Victa mowers have a snorkel that runs up the handle for the air intake. I wonder if that is for mowing under water?

    This one has the nickname "Toe Cutter". I think there's a character in Mad Max named Toe Cutter. I wonder if that's where the character's name came from.