Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Whitewalls at Indy? Granatelli ran two cars that were identical, the whitewalls were on the Jim Clark #19 car to easily distinguish the two cars from across the race track


  1. Jessie,

    Andy Granetelli ran two cars at the 500 that year that were identical, Al Unser was in the 18 car, Jim Clark in the 19 car. The team ran the whitewalls on Clark's car to distinguish the two cars. Midway through the race, Al hit the turn 4 wall on exit in front of me and a lot of people, including announcer Tom Carnegie, thought it was Clark. Confusion reigned for a minute to say the least.

  2. I've always hated whitewalls....I have a '67 FJ40 that is my snowplow..When I got it I painted the wheels with rattlecan chrome and painted the whitewalls black...It now has 10 miles on the odometer plowing my driveway up here by Lake Chelan this winter..No one sees it but me..
    Muggsy looks cool I think...That's all that

    1. That it's trouble free, and looks cool. Those two things are all that matters. That trouble free part is mighty important. Once anything becomes troublesome, it's a short race to being over the line of "more trouble than it's worth"