Thursday, January 12, 2017

Strange tale of a rich, but miserable - causing damage, but blaming everyone else princess.... because she caused about 130k in damages to her James Bond 007 edition Aston Martin but she didn't get enough insurance

Jessica Liu (Chinese immigrant to Vancouver Canada) bought the rare special edition AM, for $200,000, slightly used but 2/3rds the cost of new, in June 2015 from Vancouver-based, luxury car dealer.

After she inexplicably veered off  road and hit a large stone a few months later, chipping the carbon ceramic brake disc, and bending the subframe, she called the dealership about getting it repaired and was directed to BA, the only licensed repair facility for Aston Martins.

An initial repair estimate of $24,000, was bullshit, and closer inspection hit $100,000 (a pair of cc brake rotors @ $30,000, and a completely new subframe @ $25,000, plus labour for both)

Not happy with the estimate, Liu took the car to a Richmond repair shop, where she obtained a much cheaper quote for the subframe, which they couldn't order anyway, as it only be bought by an Aston Martin-approved shop, you guessed it, the one she was told to go to in the 1st place, and she had no choice but to take her car back into BA, where it has been since.

Here is where her irrational, illogical, little spoiled princess with no grip on reality personality comes out....  "I don’t even want the car back , I want a refund (from the dealer), I don’t think it’s safe to drive, I don’t trust the car, I don’t trust the dealer and I don’t trust the autoshop’s invoices.”
Liu, who is in her 30s, told the Richmond News via email from China.

To make it worse Liu is being dinged $200 a day for storage, summed up at $18,000 so far.

ICBC,  which is hiking basic insurance rates next year by 4.9 per cent, announced last November that, beginning this year, it will stop insuring luxury cars worth more than $150,000.

There are about 3,000 cars worth more than $150,000 insured in B.C. this year, a 30 per cent increase from three years ago. Many of them can be seen being driven around in Richmond/Vancouver.

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  1. Not to sound racist, but these are the kind of people that are coming over from China, with tons of money and flooding the lower mainland of BC. Here is another fine example. This clown, had no license, got into an accident and fled the scene. His neighbor got this footage of him trying to get the Porsche back into the garage.